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Each year the following varieties are available. Tubers are divisions of  3 – 5 eye and will be bare rooted. They are individually named, packed in damp sawdust for good keeping and will be available in April – May.

Shirley Temple – Double. Lightly scented, cream blush on white opening from a pink bud. Variable form.




Flowers may be light pink with small cerise splash. Long flowering, good picking. Mid season 80cm H 

Ottawa – Double. Light cerise pink with lighter shading after opening. Straight strong stems, excellent cut flower. Mid season. 80cm H. 

Karl Rosenfield – Double. Delicate red, an old variety bred in 1908. Bulks up well, reliable, good for drying.  Mid – late season. 78cm H. 


Sarah Bernhardt –  Double. Mid pink with some deep pink edging and blooms do not  fade much. Beautiful opening bud form. Reliable.  Nice size for vase.  Can withstand some weather. Late season. 90cm H. 
Pink Hawaiian Coral – Semi- double. Large coral blooms, fading to antique goldy pink.  Lightly scented. Very early  season. 90 cm H. 
Miss America –  Semi double. Pure white blooms, golden yellow stamen. Lovely ‘blousey’ large flower. Elegant. Early season. 120cm H. 
August Dessert – Double. Rounded clear pink petals with silvery margins. Fragrant. Mid to late season. 75cm H. 
Mr.Ed – Large bomb. Blush pink fading to cream flush in centre. Mutates, from white to dark pink and some two toned flowers on the same plant. Scented. Late season. 70cm H. 
The Mighty Mo – Double. Red with very good long lasting cut flower. Early season. 70 cm H.
Monsieur Jules Elie – Double. Large unfading light pink, with outer petals  rounded holding  mass of smaller curled chrysanthemum like petals.Sweetly scented. Mid to late season. 80cm H. 
Kansas – Double. Purpley red. Outer petals marbled. Good for warmer climates. Reliable and a good cut flower. Mid season. 90cm H. 

Angel’s Cheeks – Full bomb with glowing pale pink separated by narrow collars of pale yellow. Fragrant. Mid season. 65cm H. 


Coral Charm – Semi Double. Deep coral bud opening to huge cupped peachy coral flowers fading to parchment. Early season  90cm plus H. 


Elsa Sass – Double. Beautifully  shaped flower. Pure white. Reliable. Free flowering.  Late season. 75cm H. 


Moon River – Double. Pale pink guard petals surround creamy white centre. Mid Season. 75cm H. 


Nick Shaylor – Double. Large loose blooms of pale pink with yellow centre fading to white at the edges. Late season. 75cm H. 


Pink Parfait – Double. Bright pink with silver edge. Instead of centre stamens there are pale pink petals flushed with yellow. Faintly scented. Late Season. 95 cm H.


Singles – unnamed varieties, various colours. Lovely elegant very early flowers. Not suitable for picking, but lovely show in the garden when little else in flower. 60—80 cm H. 


Charlie’s White – Bomb. Large flowers flushed with yellow at centre. Vigorous tall plant with dark green leaves. Early / mid season. 90cm H.   


Bridal Icing – Double. Pure white. Beautifully shaped flower Reliable. Late season. 70cm H   


Top Brass – Bomb. High centred with white guard petals below a ruffle of narrow yellow petals and central tufts of cream and pale pink. Honey scented. Long flowering. Mid / late season. 75cm H.   

Cheddar Supreme – Double satin white. Milky guard petals surround yellow stamens. Mid 75cm H   


The Fawn – Double lactiflora. Light pink flowers covered with darker pink speckles. Mid. 75cm H   


Felix Supreme – Double. Ruby red. Vigorous strong growth. Long lasting cut flower. Mid. 1m H.    


Un-named Red – Double. Deep red. Fragrant. Good size for picking. Mid season. 70 cm H.   



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